1 on 1 Q & A

Holistic health coaching can benefit everyone, but it’s best to make sure that you find the right coach for you.

My services will likely benefit you if…

  • You want to adopt an intuitive approach towards eating and self nourishment
  • You want to develop sustainable lifestyle shifts
  • If you want to explore your personal connection to the energetic realm

My services will not benefit for you if…

  • You want to achieve physical health through calorie counting or strict diet regimes
  • You are looking for a quick recipe for dramatic change
  • You are unwilling to explore niche concepts with an open mind

How can holistic health coaching help me?

The role of a Holistic Health Coach is to support you during your process of growth and development by offering you guidance, wisdom, and even tough love when needed. Before making any financial or personal commitment to a coach or their program, make sure they are credible, and that you’re aligned with their philosophical approach to life.

Can a holistic health coach help with IBS?

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I’m trained in helping you create shifts in your lifestyle that support wholesome living. This means I can support you in developing self nourishing habits that can lead to a significantly happier gut.

Can coaching help depression?

Holistic health coaching can help you identify underlying factors that might be fuelling your sense of disconnection. Working together to mindfully explore your state of mind, circumstances and lifestyle can help you identify sources of dis-ease, and create actionable steps that support your wellbeing.

Can you help me lose weight?

Absolutely. Working together will help you stay focussed on your fitness goals. As your holistic health coach I’m able help you implement changes in your diet and lifestyle according to your individual needs, and support you in moments when you feel stuck.

What is “holistic” coaching?

To look at something holistically means to view it from a broad perspective. A health coach traditionally focuses on nutrition and fitness, while a holistic health coach usually focuses on any areas that directly or indirectly affect health and wellness. Examples of these areas might be sleep, creativity, self care, and spirituality.

Are you a nutritionist?

I’m not a dietitian or medical professional. I’m a holistic health coach trained in Integrative Nutrition. I don’t make diagnoses or prescribe treatment. My role as a health coach is to empower you to make sustainable lifestyle changes that support your overall health.