Freeing yourself from what scares you

It is said that you attract what you fear faster than what you desire. This is because everything in the universe, physical and nonphysical, is made up of energy. As humans, we naturally put more energy into moving away from what we fear rather than moving towards what you desire. When we do this, we focus on and feed that which we do not want. 

All emotions stem from either love or fear. The human experience is infinitely complex, but the “love vs fear” model helps us understand the energetic charge of two contrasting emotional states on the extreme ends of the spectrum.

Our emotion is energy in motion. As we feel, we direct the movement of our energy, either away from what we desire or toward it.

Psychological experiments have explained that our brain is wired to avoid discomfort, pain and suffering at all costs. We are wired to put fear over desire because we needed fear to survive 100,000 years ago. Staying alive is biologically more important than attaining worldly goals. The mind sees through a paradigm of fear to avoid danger; we have been wired this way for survival.

If we are wired to avoid what we fear because we believe it will bring us pain and suffering, more often than not, this means we are focusing on the fear itself. What you focus on is what you feed. When you feed something, it grows.

In this day and age, our fears aren’t protecting us from sabertooth tigers hiding in the bushes. They are protecting us from the vulnerability of our egos. Avoiding our fears saves us from social judgement and humiliation, often holding us back from living a life in alignment with our highest vision. 

As humans, we are born with only two fears:

  1. Loud sounds
  2. Heights

Every other fear is we experience is one that we have taught ourselves. Some fears serve a practical purpose, others hold us back from living in a way that satisfies the soul.

You are not your fears. You are the observer behind what you think and feel. 

Don’t let your fears hold you back from reaching your goals and creating a life of your dreams. 

As we recognize the fears of our ego, we begin to rewire the patterning in our brain that is signalling danger. When we face our fears with integrity and reason, we are able to live a life beyond the illusionary boundaries of our comfort zone.

Do you feel like your fears are holding you back? Here are some reflective questions that could help you gain insight and reclaim your personal power:

What do I fear the most?

When am I most vulnerable?

How do my fears influence my day to day life? Are they stopping me from achieving my short and long term goals?

What would my life look 10 years from now if I allowed my fears to govern my actions and decisions?

What are your thoughts? Comment in the section below, or send me an email at, I would love to hear from you!

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