The powerful healing properties of salt – restoring your body and home

The benefits of salt.

Many cultures and religions from all over the world believe that salt has the ability to cleanse and purify. Since ancient times salt has been believed to remedy ailments and ward off negative and “evil” spirits.

Now that we are living an age of technology, we have medical evidence to support the purifying properties of salt. Natural salts can have incredibly rejuvenating effects on the bodies and our homes.

How can we use salt to keep our minds, bodies and homes clean?

Gargle salt.

Salt water is an eco friendly and powerful mouthwash. Gargling salt water kills bad bacteria in that live in our mouths and throats. Doing this has been practiced for hundreds of years, long before we understood the science behind its magic. When we gargle regularly with salt water we help cleanse our body of unwanted and negative energy. Recent studies have shown that this practice can not only protect us from ailments like the common cold, it even aides the symptoms and helps our body recover at a faster rate.

Salt bath detox.

Since most of us don’t have access to a salt water sea, a sea salt bath is the next best thing. I don’t recommend taking baths frequently as the average bath uses 80 litres of water (compared to 65L from showering), but soaking in a tub of salts every once in a while can be very beneficial for the body. A soul pampering alternative is to do a foot bath! Fill a wash bason with warm water, add a handful of salt and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Many cultures believe salt water has the ability to draw negative or stagnant energy out of the body and restore it to a pure state. Dermatologists regularly recommend salt water baths to patients as it is widely believed that they help to relieve the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema as well as improving wound healing.

Sprinkle salt in your home.

It is believed that salt has the ability to absorb negative energy. Many cultures and religions practice sprinkling salt around their homes to protect them from unwanted energy. Take a small handful of salt and sprinkle a thin line under your windows, doorways entering/exiting your home, and if desired around the walls of your rooms. This is believed to create a protective wall and to absorb negative energy from your space, leaving it purified and rejuvenated. Leave the salt for at least a couple of days before wiping it up.

Soda bicarbonate.

Soda bicarbonate is a natural salt compound that works wonders on home cleaning and can be used for an abundance of purposes. If you have some in your baking cupboard try dusting it over your mattress and letting it sit for 3-4 hours before vacuuming off to deodorise to kill bad bacteria. Soda bicarb also makes a great eco friendly oven cleaner.

What salt is most eco friendly and ethical? A few things to consider when shopping for salts are:

A paper packaging is the most eco friendly option. If we cannot find paper, it is best to choose brands that use recycled plastic (meaning no plastic was produced to create the packaging). The option we would like to avoid most is plastic, but if you must purchase plastic, please make sure your packaging is recyclable and doesn’t end up in a landfill.

How far did your product have to travel to make it to your hands? This is always something to keep in mind when doing your shopping. The best option is to find a product that is locally sourced. This eliminates the carbon footprint produced from transporting your product.

When something is fair-trade certified, this means a volunteer organisation has approved of the working standards and conditions for the people producing the product. Very often, behind closed doors, there is maltreatment of the people who are sourcing our products. These conditions can be anything from unlawfully low wages to extremely hazardous/life threatening procedures. Taking initiative to ensuring the safe practices of the products we purchase protects and supports everybody’s human rights.

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