Energy Cleansing Your Home

Energy Cleansing Your Home

Refresh and renew the atmosphere in your space. Whether you are starting a new chapter in your life or leaving an old one behind, these tips will help bring some peace and tranquility to your space.

Why it’s important to nurture our space.

Enclosed spaces collect and retain energy. When we feel something negative or uneasy in our home, it is most likely an accumulation of funky energy that you are sensing rather than a ghost or spirit.

Energy cleansing is used to help rid the mind, body and spirit of negative or unwanted energy. Here are some practices that can help you reset the tone of your home:


When you look at the decorations in your home, how do they make you feel? Does the picture in your living room have a dreary undertone or an inviting presence? The art we have in our homes can influence the way we feel in a space. For example, if you hand painted the picture you have hanging in your living room, it will give you a different emotional experience if it was painted at the start of a flourishing relationship or in the midst of a heartbreak. Take some time to admire the artwork you have in your home and ask yourself how it makes you feel. If it brings you joy, dust it off and show it some love. If not, show it some love and gift it to someone who may enjoy it.


A heartfelt meditation can shift the most stagnant energy into something soulful and nourishing. When we mindfully connect with our space as we meditate, we act as a beacon of energy. This connection allows us to transmute the energy in our space and imprint it with our own light. The more love we can allow ourselves to receive and radiate while we meditate, the more we are able to nourish our space into something sacred. Make sure you are comfortable so you can allow yourself to release tension in your mind, body, and living space. If you have healing crystals this is the perfect time to let them work their magic.


Salt is a superhero when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. Many cultures and religions from all over the world have believed that salt has the ability to cleanse and purify. It is said that salt has the ability to absorb negative energy. Sprinkle salt around your walls, under your windows, in doorways, and even on your mattress. This will help detoxify your space; it’s almost like a deep sea spa treatment for your soul space. Let the salt relax for anywhere from hours to days before vacuuming up.


Smudging is an ancient practice where sacred herbs are burned to clear away negative or stagnant energy. The properties in these natural elements purify the energies of their environment, creating a warm and soulful space. Some sacred herbs you could use as tools to cleanse the energy in your space are: sage, lavender, cedar, eucalyptus & bay leaf. Incense can also be used for this purpose. While you are smudging make sure to mindfully use your own energy to brighten the space as you make your way around. Don’t forget to smudge objects that may hold stagnant energy, like wallets or pillowcases.

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