This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass


There is a tale of a ring that was said to change the state of any man. It could make the saddest man happy and the richest man sad. A struggling beggar had spent his life searching for this ring to bring him peace of mind. Eventually he prevailed. On finding the ring, he discovered no sorcery or enchantment, only a simple engraving that read “this too shall pass”.

Everything in life is temporary, the good and the bad.

Whilst we cannot change what we see; we have the ability to change how we see.

We cannot control what is happening on the outside, but with some patience and practice, what is within control, is our mind.

Life is a journey full of sunshine and storms, and the weather outside is something we cannot control. When you feel caught up in the downpours of life, know that it is within yourself to weather the storm.

Kindness, patience and love can steady the waters of the most turbulent mind.

Impermanence is a blessing, for without it we would not have life itself.

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