The Power Of Setting Boundaries

The Power Of Setting Boundaries

Here’s the thing about being a conscious cluster of chemical reactions in a 3D reality… we truly are boundless. Every being is limitless in potential. Boundaries and limits are an illusion: on an atomic level, everything is interconnected.

Without boundaries, a boundless universe becomes an infinite mist of stardust. For structures, stars and space to be held together, boundaries are necessary.

And, as humans, we are alchemists. Using hands to craft the boundless imagination into reality.

Being boundless beings, we need boundaries.

Boundaries are the structures that shape our lives.

Our energy.

Our productivity.

Our relationships.

Our affluence.

Our mindset.

Every aspect of our life can be affected by the boundaries that are, or are not, set.

So set boundaries. And know that the boundaries, lines & limitations that that are present are illusions – constructs that can be influenced by the energy of thoughts and the crafting of hands.

We are stardust in flesh.

Boundless. Limitless. Infinite.

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