Menstrual & Lunar Cycle Similarities

For centuries, humans have been intrigued by the potential connections between the lunar and the menstrual cycle.

Although there is no clear scientific evidence indicating a direct cause-and-effect relationship between these phenomena, there are several fascinating similarities and correlations that have been observed. In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways in which the menstrual cycle is similar to both the lunar cycle and earth’s oceans.

One of the most striking similarities between the lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle is their duration, which lasts roughly 28 days.

The lunar cycle refers to the amount of time it takes for the moon to complete one orbit around the Earth, which is about 29.5 days. The menstrual cycle, on the other hand, lasts for an average of 28 days, although it can range from 21 to 35 days for most women. The fact that these cycles share a similar length is intriguing and suggests a potential connection between them.

Moreover, some scientists have proposed that the moon’s gravitational force might influence the human body’s water content, which could, in turn, impact the menstrual cycle. This theory is akin to the way the moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides. The tides are caused by the moon and the sun’s gravitational force on the Earth’s oceans, causing the water to rise and fall in a rhythmic pattern. Some researchers speculate that this same gravitational force might affect the water content of the human body, including the fluids that contribute to the menstrual cycle.

Another way in which the lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle are connected is through cultural and spiritual beliefs. Many ancient cultures believed that the lunar cycle and the menstrual cycle were closely tied. For instance, in many Native American cultures, the menstrual cycle was deemed a sacred time for women to connect with the moon and their inner selves.

Additionally, some studies suggest that the lunar cycle might affect fertility, with ovulation and conception happening more frequently during particular phases of the moon. Although there is no definitive scientific proof to support this claim, it is intriguing to consider the potential correlation between the moon and fertility.

While the exact relationship between the menstrual cycle, lunar cycle and tides remains shrouded in mystery, there are many intriguing similarities and correlations that suggest a possible connection between them. The 28-day duration of both the menstrual and lunar cycle, the cultural and spiritual connections between them, the potential impact of the moon’s gravitational force on the human body, and the emotional and physical changes they induce all suggest a deeper connection between them. Regardless of whether or not there is a direct causal link, the similarities between these cycles offer a glimpse into the intricate and interconnected nature of the universe.

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