Cassidy Holland

Hey beautiful soul!
I’m Cassidy Holland, the creator behind the content and the craftswoman behind Soul Space art.

Mindset development changed my life.

A few years ago I felt majorly stuck. I was working multiple jobs at a time, using substances to self manage and really struggling internally.

Working through my “inner darkness” and transmuting my pain into power has led me down a path of supporting others to do the same. I’m passionate about personal development and I believe we ALL hold the power to transform our lives.

Today, I help people tune into their innate strength, break out of their comfort zone and bring their dreams to life.

Your power and potential is infinite by nature:
you are a conscious cluster of stardust.


NLP Practitioner

I am currently working towards receiving a certification in neuro-linguistic programming. NLP is all about deconstructing thought patterns, beliefs and perception to develop self awareness and nurture personal growth. My intention with this certification is to develop a framework to help guide my clients through the inner workings of their mind in a way that’s practical, purposeful and empowering.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I received my holistic health coaching certification with IIN in November of 2020. This program helped me understand the fundamentals of of coaching, which provided me with the foundation to create my own coaching business. Alternative healing has always been an interest of mine, so learning about wellbeing through a holistic perspective felt like a path that aligned perfectly with my passions. This certification has helped me deepen my understanding of nutrition, the mind-body connection and holistic wellness.

Stained Glass Ethos

Soul Space has a strong stance on sustainability. All stained glass artwork is created using renewable energy sources and packaged using recycled or up-cycled materials.

22% of all sales made through Soul Space in 2022 will be donated to organisations that help protect and preserve rainforests globally.