Hello beautiful soul!

I’m Cassidy Barratt.

I’m a stained glass artist & life coach.
Here’s a little bit about who I am and why I do what I do.

A few years ago I felt majorly stuck.

I used to worry about EVERYTHING. I felt a constant unease in my mind and body. On the outside I looked happy and healthy, but on the inside, I was struggling.

Eventually, I couldn’t self-manage anymore and felt and overwhelming need to pull back from everything everything. I dropped out of my college program and left my part-time jobs. I disconnected socially and fell into a state of hibernation.

At the time, it felt like my inner darkness had become to all-consuming that I had no other option but to retreat inwards. It was unnerving. But it was the greatest blessing I have ever received. I had spent my entire life running away from pain and discomfort, but being pushed inwards opened me up to something completely new: sitting with my dis-ease and observing it rather than experiencing it and reacting to it.

Exploring my inner-darkness helped my find my inner-light. Taking time and space to tune into myself and explore the contents behind my fears and limiting self-beliefs gave me a foresight that I hadn’t previously had. And with this newfound understanding, I began to create a plan to sustainably and soulfully conquer my barriers.

I uncovered the boundaries of my comfort zone and challenged myself in every way possible. I booked a plane ticket, a journey that would start in Costa Rica and end in China. I adopted two mantras that stayed with me throughout that trip: “the universe will guide me to people and places that feed my soul” and “this is my year of no fear”.

My life’s path has shifted majorly in the last few years. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to experience and explore the sacred lands of countries around the world. I crossed paths with the man of my dreams, who I now get to call my husband. I’ve worked to develop a lifestyle that aligns with my passion, purpose and long-term vision.

I know what it’s like to feel ‘stuck’ and constantly weighed down. I also know what it feels like to clear away all the bullshit and live an authentic, empowered life. That’s why I’m passionate about what I do.

My mission is to support souls in overcoming their limiting beliefs and reclaiming their personal power.


NLP Practitioner

I received my Neurolinguistic Programming certification in October 2022. NLP is all about understanding and deconstructing thought patterns, beliefs and perception to nurture personal growth. The teachings and practices I’ve developed through receiving my NLP certification have given me practical tools to help empower soul-searchers on their personal development journey.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I received my holistic health coaching certification with IIN in November of 2020. This program helped me understand the fundamentals of of coaching, which provided me with the foundation to create my own coaching business. Alternative healing has always been an interest of mine, so learning about wellbeing through a holistic perspective felt like a path that aligned perfectly with my passions. This certification has helped me deepen my understanding of nutrition, the mind-body connection and holistic wellness.

Stained Glass Art

[Designs are not for sale. Please to not replicate Soul Space patterns.]

Stained glass is an art that I have loved ever since I was a small child. My mother practiced it when I was young. It was an art that I’d always been eager to learn, and in September 2021, I gathered my supplies and began my journey. I am a self taught artist whose been lucky to be mentored by the beautiful Sandi O while living in NSW, Australia.

Sustainability is at the heart of Soul Space glass. The wellness of the planet is at prioritised throughout the creation of each piece. All glass creations are tiffany-style stained glass, uniquely hand-cut and designed.

I am not currently taking commission projects on at this moment. If you’re interested in purchasing one of my upcoming creations, you can do so by following me on instagram @cassidybarratt_. As new pieces become available I will post them on my story. Feel free to get in contact with me if you have any questions.

Sending you love and light. ❤️