Life Coaching

Life Coaching

& Spiritual Mentorship


Cassidy Holland merges her Holistic Health Coaching education with her alternative energy healing practice to help her clients bridge the gap between dreams and reality.


Working together provides you with the guidance, insight and accountability you crave to help support you in achieving your goals. With a coach by your side you’ll be able to stay focused on your desired results and cultivate them in a way that is sustainable and soul satiating.


Coaching helps you cultivate deep transformation through exploring and improving different aspects of your life.


Getting clear on your life’s vision, then creating actionable steps to help you gain a deeper understanding of exactly how to get there.


Cultivating practices that deeply nourish you. We’ll focus energy into creating harmony and balance in your mind and body.


Nourishing a mindset that supports your success and happiness by working through limiting self-beliefs and actively overcoming barriers.


Proactively improving your wellbeing by adopting uplifting lifestyle habits and developing an intuitive listening to your body.

Are you ready to invest in your Self?

Cassidy offers six month programs to support her clients through deep personal transformation.

Growth can get uncomfortable, that’s why programs are designed to support you over a six month period. Committing to your goals long-term ensures that you push through challenging moments and stay focused on your desired results. Investing in your wellbeing and personal goals on a long-term basis paves a sustainable path that sets you up for success.