Cassidy Holland


I help souls cultivate harmony throughout their mind and body.

My Spiritual Beliefs

Alternative Healing | Holistic Health

The mind-body-spirit connection has always fascinated me. Everything that is, ever was, and will ever be, comes from the same source: Energy.

We are energetic beings in physical bodies… basically conscious clusters of chemical reactions. I believe that by tuning into the subtle energy that flows within and throughout us all, we can connect with our true nature and cultivate our magic.

It’s time to focus energy where it matters most… in the seeds of our soul, and the roots of our planet.

My Wellness Philosophy

I believe that health is reflective of nature: A garden takes time to cultivate. Weeds must be pulled and seeds must be sown. Soils must be deeply nourished with sunlight, minerals and hydration, as these are all necessary for growth. If not planted with patience and care, the garden will develop on its own accord and become wild.

With our hands and our hearts,
we can all cultivate a thriving sanctuary
that we are proud to embody.


Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I am currently a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, graduating in November 2020! I enrolled at IIN to deepen my understanding about healing the body through nutrition and conscious lifestyle adjustments. The guidance shared in this program is helping me enrich my holistic health practice, giving me practical tools that can greatly impact the health of my clients.

Alternative Healing

Working as an Environmental Aide in a hospital sparked my passion for complementary therapy. The beautiful souls I met helped me to understand what truly matters at the end of life and how to grasp the present moment. This helped me to develop an aesthetic approach to health care. I am trained in Reiki, and use a combination of bodywork and herbal remedies to support my clients.

Recreational Therapy

I completed one year of Recreation Therapy at Mohawk College. This program taught me how to encourage independence and personal empowerment through recreation. I learned the therapeutic power of simply enjoying our lives. Playfulness is the essence of creation, and recreation is just that: re-creation.