About Cassidy

Cassidy Holland

The mind-body-spirit connection has always fascinated me. Everything that is, ever was, and will ever be, comes from the same source: Energy.
We are energetic beings experiencing life through a physical body.
I believe in focusing energy where it matters most…
in the seeds of our soul, and the roots of our soils.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I graduated as a certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in November of 2020. Being passionate about healing and wellbeing, enrolling in this program deepened my understanding about health, nutrition and nurturing the Body Temple.

Alternative Healing

My bodywork practices have expanded with my life experience. While some of the traditional methods I use are influenced by Macedonian traditions that have been practiced in my family for over a century, I have sought to expand my healing practices while travelling. In Bali, I was trained in Reiki and secured a level two Reiki certification. While in Ella, Sri Lanka, I spent a few weeks in a Buddhist Monastery. During this time I was taught valuable lessons by my teacher Bante, and spent my free time cultivating my healing practice through meditation, introspection, breath-work and educational readings.

Recreation Therapy

I completed one full year of Recreational Therapy at Mohawk College in 2017. While I chose to redirect my career down a different path, recreation therapy taught me the essential role that ‘play’ has in our life. We are holistic beings – play is intertwined with our states of health, happiness and overall wellbeing. As a Recreation Therapist in training, I was taught how to help cultivate a sense of play in the present moment.


I believe our personal state of health, wealth & happiness is reflected in the seasons & cycles of nature itself.
A garden takes time to cultivate. Weeds must be pulled and seeds must be sown to grow the gardens of our highest vision. If not practiced with patience and care, the garden will develop on its own accord and become wild.

With our hands and our hearts,
we can create a thriving sanctuary.

When the needs of the mind, body and spirit are met, our natural healing mechanisms begin to flourish. Scientifically, this process is known as homeostasis.

I like to think of this state as harmony.