Cassidy Barratt

Mind-Body Wellness Advocate, Artist, Creator of SoulSpace.ca
Neurolinguistic Programming

I received my NLP certification in October 2022. NLP is all about understanding and deconstructing thought patterns, beliefs and perception to nurture personal growth. The teachings and practices I’ve developed through receiving my NLP certification have given me practical tools to help empower soul-searchers on their personal development journey.

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I received my holistic health coaching certification with IIN in November of 2020. Holistic healing has always been an interest of mine, so finding a program that teaches health and wellness through a holistic lens was right up my alley. This certification has helped me deepen my understanding of nutrition, the mind-body connection and holistic wellness.

My Why

I was going through a dark time. I was going to college, working multiple jobs and dependant on ‘pick me ups’ and ‘wind me downs’ to get me though my days. My default-mode up until that point was highly anxious, drained and depressed. I hid it well, always socialising, constantly on-the-go and spending as little time with myself as possible. My lifestyle was unsustainable, and eventually hit a point where I couldn’t find the energy to keep pushing on. I dropped everything and retreated from the world.

Cocooning into myself meant facing the darkest parts of myself that I’d spent my entire life avoiding. I didn’t want to. Every part of me fought it. But the dark waters of my mind became a whirlpool that I didn’t have the energy to escape. Whether I liked it or not, I was headed inward. It was terrifying and liberating. Being thrown into the darkest waters of my mind taught me that I could doggy-paddle my way through the deep end with nothing jumping out to attack me.

The ‘learning to swim in the deep end’ period of my life opened up so many doors for me. My experiences inspired me to share the life jackets that kept me afloat during tumultuous times. I believe these life jackets aren’t just for emergencies either – they’re essential tools for understanding the mind, navigating life and cultivating positive change.

I’m passionate about sharing these tools and teachings. Everybody has the ability to cultivate transformation in their life. I believe life is like a garden: with the right tools and a little TLC… it will blossom.

My Craft

Stained Glass Art

Hand crafted tiffany style stained glass made with lead-free materials.

I grew up watching my mom create stained glass and was always interested in learning the craft. After thinking about it for years I decided to jump in head first in 2021… I fell in LOVE. Glass is a beautiful material to work with and it’s magical how glass captures and reflects light. What started as a little hobby has blossomed into a small business that I am so grateful to share with the world. Inspired by nature, ‘Earth & Glass Art’ prioritises products and practices that are planet-friendly in every step of process, from creation to shipping. To help give back to this beautiful green-and-blue ball we call home 10% of all profits made in 2023 will be donated to non profit organisations that protect and preserve our tree’s and sea’s.

Let’s Connect!

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