Medicinal Mushrooms for Brain Health

Mushrooms are magical tools that have been utilised for thousands of years. In this article we’ll explore medicinal mushrooms that support brain health. Nature is truly magical, and medicinal mushrooms are a perfect example of this. They contain powerful compounds that nourish the brain and support the nervous system, making them a tool for supportingContinue reading “Medicinal Mushrooms for Brain Health”

Menstrual & Lunar Cycle Similarities

For centuries, humans have been intrigued by the potential connections between the lunar and the menstrual cycle. Although there is no clear scientific evidence indicating a direct cause-and-effect relationship between these phenomena, there are several fascinating similarities and correlations that have been observed. In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways in which theContinue reading “Menstrual & Lunar Cycle Similarities”

5 Powerful Healing Herbs

From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Medicine: Using Herbs to Support Healing and Recovery Herbs have been used for centuries for their powerful medicinal properties, With evidence of their use dating back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt and China. The chemical compounds found in herbs have been shown to have a range of beneficial effectsContinue reading “5 Powerful Healing Herbs”

5 Common Weeds With Medicinal Properties

Weeds are often perceived as unwanted plants that invade gardens and fields, and their medicinal properties are often overlooked. However, for centuries, many cultures have recognised the healing properties of certain weeds, incorporating them into their traditional medicine practices. These plants have been used to alleviate a wide range of health conditions, such as inflammation,Continue reading “5 Common Weeds With Medicinal Properties”

Growth Mindset – the most important tool for transformation

Adopting a growth mindset can help you tap into your potential and unlock your capacity for creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. The infinite intelligence of nature is awe-inspiring and reminds us of our potential to grow and evolve. Humans, as part of this vast system, have infinite potential to learn, adapt, and develop new skills. ByContinue reading “Growth Mindset – the most important tool for transformation”

Period Tracking – a powerful tool for maximising productivity & success

Energy levels, moods, creativity, and productivity all fluctuate due to changes in hormones. Many of us are not aware of these changes or how to utilise them to our advantage. That’s where period tracking comes in – a tool that can change your life. Testosterone and estrogen play a significant role in mindset and productivityContinue reading “Period Tracking – a powerful tool for maximising productivity & success”

6 Tips for an Earth-Friendly Christmas

There are many ways that we reduce our carbon footprint this holiday season! These simple tips can make a measurable difference this year. Let’s work together to make a sustainable and soulful Christmas the norm. Avoid plastic wrapping paper Tis the season to get creative and wrap your gifts unconventionally. You could use some oldContinue reading “6 Tips for an Earth-Friendly Christmas”

Ethical Travel – big cats

Most of the people who partake in these kind of experiences do it with innocent intentions, however, the sad reality is that this kind of tourist attraction is cruel and inhumane. The truth is… Cubs, when not being unnaturally held by tourists, are shoved in small cages away from their mothers. The older cats areContinue reading “Ethical Travel – big cats”

Foods That Affect ADHD – brain health

Did you know that the food you consume directly affects your cognitive function? The foods you’re eating might be causing or amplifying symptoms of ADHD. And the worst part – you might be eating them for breakfast. Artificial food colouring “may have adverse effects on activity and attention”. That phrase was taken directly from oneContinue reading “Foods That Affect ADHD – brain health”

Is Organic Food Better?

‘Organic’ has multiple definitions. The meaning it holds to a scientist is completely different from a farmer, and this has created a lot of confusion. Is there any difference between an “organic” apple and a regular one? Here’s how the mix up happened: scientists use the word organic to refer to ‘compounds containing carbon’. ThatContinue reading “Is Organic Food Better?”

The Surprising Symptoms Of Anxiety

Anxiety can seem like a condition that’s solely of the mind, but this isn’t the whole truth. Anxiety is a fight or flight response of the body that affects every system – from digestive to nervous. It’s all interconnected. Surprising Symptoms Anxiety Can Cause Yawning Dizziness Tiredness Shortness of breath Nausea “Pins and needles” sensationContinue reading “The Surprising Symptoms Of Anxiety”

Ethical Travel – volunteer flight companions for dogs are needed globally

Next time you’re flying, you might have the chance to give a dog a second chance at life! Organisations around the world are working day and night to create a better future for stray cats and dogs in need of support. Volunteers are needed on every level of the process, from rescuing and rehabilitation toContinue reading “Ethical Travel – volunteer flight companions for dogs are needed globally”

5 Surprising Ways To Naturally Improve Asthma

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you or somebody you know has asthma and would like to improve the condition through natural means. If this is your position, ensure that you consult with your doctor before making any changes in medications or routines. Asthma is an inflammatory condition that affects the respiratory system andContinue reading “5 Surprising Ways To Naturally Improve Asthma”

‘Games’ Your Mind Plays On You

Uncovering and deconstructing the ego is a challenging is not always a graceful process. Exploring the “negative” facets of the ego (otherwise known as our shadow self) helps us understand our inner workings. Let’s dive into some of the tricky inner workings of your ego: Default Mode The emotional state a person naturally strays towardContinue reading “‘Games’ Your Mind Plays On You”

Release Anxiety Overnight With This Ancient Technique

“Star Therapy” The effects of this therapy are so profound that it is frequently used in palliative care. Dying patients who are struggling to come to terms with ‘the end of life’ are sometimes offered this therapy to manage pain, anxiety, restlessness and insomnia. Everything about this human life is complex. We’ve barely begun toContinue reading “Release Anxiety Overnight With This Ancient Technique”

Do you experience intrusive thoughts?

How often do you get obscure or disturbing thoughts come into your mind completely out of the blue? Maybe you see somebody bending over to pick something up and a voice in your head says “KICK EM’ OVER”, or somebody hands you something precious and you get a sudden urge to chuck it across theContinue reading “Do you experience intrusive thoughts?”

How To Improve Your Mental Health

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or any mental health issues, you are not alone. It can be hard to feel supported while battling heavy emotions and dark thoughts. Our mind can leave us feeling completely separate from the world around us; like a dark fog lurking with no sunshine in sight. In thisContinue reading “How To Improve Your Mental Health”

The Power Of Affirmations

Positive affirmations are powerful tools that help us change the negative thought patterns in our mind. Most of our day to day thoughts go unnoticed, almost as if they run on autopilot. When we take the time to consciously think uplifting thoughts and put energy into affirming empowering beliefs, we begin to create transformational connectionsContinue reading “The Power Of Affirmations”

Sacred Sounds – benefits of sound healing

Rhythm and song grace us with the ability to tune into ourselves and the universe around us. Listening to the sound of crashing waves, birds singing, or the voices of our loved ones can bring us a sense of peace, purpose and awe. Since ancient times, we have known of  the benefits that sound andContinue reading “Sacred Sounds – benefits of sound healing”