The Surprising Symptoms Of Anxiety

Anxiety can seem like a condition that’s solely of the mind, but this isn’t the whole truth. Anxiety is a fight or flight response of the body that affects every system – from digestive to nervous. It’s all interconnected. Surprising Symptoms Anxiety Can Cause Yawning Dizziness Tiredness Shortness of breath Nausea “Pins and needles” sensationContinue reading “The Surprising Symptoms Of Anxiety”

‘Games’ Your Mind Plays On You

The Ego, for the most part, has a bad reputation. It is usually thought of as negative and associated with narcissism and poor behaviour. While these may be side effects of the ego, its purpose is more profound. It is the vehicle to awareness and understanding. It’s the lens through which we explore this reality:Continue reading “‘Games’ Your Mind Plays On You”

Release Anxiety Overnight With This Ancient Technique

Weighted thoughts and emotions can feel like a long night with no sun on the horizon, full of darkness and uncertainty… Existence can be overwhelming. The contents of our life and the heaviness surrounding the unknown can feel too much to bear at times, but there may be a solution SO simple, it’s almost unbelievable.Continue reading “Release Anxiety Overnight With This Ancient Technique”

Do you experience intrusive thoughts?

How often do you get obscure or disturbing thoughts come into your mind completely out of the blue? Maybe you see somebody bending over to pick something up and a voice in your head says “KICK EM’ OVER”, or somebody hands you something precious and you get a sudden urge to chuck it across theContinue reading “Do you experience intrusive thoughts?”

How To Improve Your Mental Health

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or any mental health issues, you are not alone. It can be hard to feel supported while battling heavy emotions and dark thoughts. Our mind can leave us feeling completely separate from the world around us; like a dark fog lurking with no sunshine in sight. In thisContinue reading “How To Improve Your Mental Health”