Ethical Travel – big cats

Paying for one on one experiences with big cats isn’t exclusive. Most of the people who partake in these kind of experiences do it with innocent intentions, however, the sad reality is that this kind of tourist attraction is cruel and inhumane. The truth is… Cubs, when not being unnaturally held by tourists, are shovedContinue reading “Ethical Travel – big cats”

Ethical Travel – volunteer flight companions for dogs are needed globally

Next time you’re flying, you might have the chance to give a dog a second chance at life! Organisations around the world are working day and night to create a better future for stray cats and dogs in need of support. Volunteers are needed on every level of the process, from rescuing and rehabilitation toContinue reading “Ethical Travel – volunteer flight companions for dogs are needed globally”

The powerful healing properties of salt – body and home

The benefits of salt Many cultures and religions from all over the world believe that salt has the ability to cleanse and purify. Since ancient times salt has been said to remedy ailments and ward off negative spirits. Now that we are living an age of technology, we have evidence to support the rumours thatContinue reading “The powerful healing properties of salt – body and home”

The Power Of Affirmations

Positive affirmations are powerful tools that help us change the negative thought patterns in our mind. Most of our day to day thoughts go unnoticed, almost as if they run on autopilot. When we take the time to consciously think uplifting thoughts and put energy into affirming empowering beliefs, we begin to create transformational connectionsContinue reading “The Power Of Affirmations”

Sacred Sounds – benefits of sound healing

Rhythm and song grace us with the ability to tune into ourselves and the universe around us. Listening to the sound of crashing waves, birds singing, or the voices of our loved ones can bring us a sense of peace, purpose and awe. Since ancient times, we have known of  the benefits that sound andContinue reading “Sacred Sounds – benefits of sound healing”