Hello beautiful soul!

I am SO grateful that you have taken the time to explore Soul Space. If you would like to get to know the face behind the website, here I am.

I’m Cassidy Holland, the creator of Soul Space. I have journeyed across the globe to learn about alternative healing and the mysterious energetic workings of the universe.

I am passionate about helping others through their suffering so that they can live a life of freedom and fulfilment.

During my travels I have been lucky enough to spend time with many incredible people from all walks of life: healers, monks, mystics, and shamans alike. While absorbing their teachings, I have grown passionate about bringing them to light and making them accessible to everyone.

My journey of personal development and conscious awakening was born some of the darkest periods of my life. A few years ago I was playing alchemist in the worst way, balancing my uppers and downers throughout the day. My days consisted of stimulants to get me up and anxiety medication to wind me down. At my lowest point I had dropped out of college, left my job, and barely left my bed for months.

After spending much time in the dark being completely disconnected from myself and the world around me, all of the tension building in my life created a black hole, and eventually I got sucked in. What I found on the other side was beautiful.

Turning inward and exploring the heaviness I was carrying allowed me to open up windows and allow light into my life, bringing me a new found sense of clarity and contentment. My disconnection and isolation introduced me to a concept I had always know intellectually but never grasped experientially… connection.

I believe connection is the key to happiness and fulfilment. When we allow ourselves to connect with what fuels our mind and feeds our soul, we create a sacred space within ourselves where miracles take place.

I made Soul Space with the intention of creating an environment where people can feel safe connecting with one another and explore topics that can feel difficult to approach.

Together we can turn our pain into power, and embrace a life of freedom and fulfilment.

I warmly welcome you to this Space, and hope that you join us on this journey of soulful expansion and development.