Wisdom, Nurture, Protection, Unity.


What does this animal represent to you personally?

What characteristics of this animal do you think would be beneficial to channel at this moment in your life?

Why might this card be relevant to you in this moment?


Elephants are family oriented and loyal to those they love. These gentle giants are known for having a phenomenal memory and collected energy, which makes them often viewed as symbols of wisdom.

If you have been very logic driven lately, this card may be a reminder to tune into your intuition.

Or, if you have been feeling “small” in your energy lately, this may be a sign to explore the soft power of your inner strength.

Alternatively, this may be a literal analogy of “an elephant in the room” that you are currently experiencing. In that case, this may be a reminder to honour your space and explore the discomforting situation from a nurturing place within .

Did this card pull resonate with you? Let’s talk about it in the space below!

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