Renewal, Rebirth, Adaptation, Regeneration.


What does this animal represent to you personally?

What characteristics of this animal do you think would be beneficial to channel at this moment in your life?

Why might this card be relevant to you in this moment?


Because geckos shed their skin on a regular basis, this card may be acknowledging that you are holding onto negative emotions or circumstances that are holding back your growth. If so, this may be a sign to shed the layers of what is not serving your greater good.

These creatures change colour to blend in with their environment. If you have been feeling like a wall flower lately, this card may be a gentle reminder to step out of your comfort zone.

In some regions of the world the chirps of geckos are seen as signs of truth being spoken. If you are in the midst of difficult circumstances, this card may be a sign to explore the silver linings and seek out soul centred truths.

Did this card pull resonate with you? Let’s talk about it in the space below!

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