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Reconnect with your roots.


Welcome to Soul Space

A container for mindset nourishment & grounded personal growth.

Self-empowerment is the mission of Soul Space. All of the tools you need already exist within you. This space is here to offer you tools, tips and resources to help you tap into and unleash your innate power.

Your power and potential is infinite by nature… you are an expression of nature itself.

Everything is connected.

Soul Space looks at personal development through a holistic lens. Rather than viewing different aspects of life as seperate, Soul Space focuses on the interconnectedness of all things. Each aspect plays a part in the bigger picture. Mind, body & spirit – relationships, health, wealth & happiness… each part of our life affects and plays into the next.
In this space you are invited to explore your life through non judgemental eyes and reflect on the area’s you’d like to cultivate change.
You are deserving of the life you desire. And… you also hold the power to call your dreams into reality.
Hello beautiful soul!

I’m Cassidy Barratt.

My intention with this space is to offer personal development practices that are grounded in our earthly roots.

I believe that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies. Just like all things in this universe, we follow the same natural laws. We are an expression of nature itself.

And just as in nature, if our soils aren’t purposefully cultivated, they will run wild.

Let’s Connect!

instagram: @cassidybarratt_

23% of all sales made through Soul Space in 2023 will be donated to organisations that help protect and preserve our planet.