The Holistic Reset

The Holistic Reset

Craving a healthier version of yourself?

The Holistic Reset is an empowerment program that helps you transform your health and wellbeing.

Over the course of six months, you will focus on optimising your lifestyle in ways that feel personally aligned with your values and vision. By devoting time and attention to a wealth of different factors that affect your health, you will develop sustainable self-nourishing habits that last a lifetime.

What you’ll receive:


Helping you stay on track with your goals.


Practical steps to help you achieve progress.


A summary of your six month holistic reset journey.

The Holistic Reset


  1. Six Modules: Released at the beginning of the month, for the duration of six months. This program has been broken down over a six month period to allow time and space for personal transformation to take place. Each module brings focus to a variety of wellness factors that affect your health, providing you with actionable steps to help you cultivate sustainable shifts in wellbeing.
  2. Weekly Check Ins: Released at the end of each week, these check in points are placed frequently throughout the program to help you stay consistent with your wellness practices and on track with your goals.
  3. Program Summary: At the end of the program, you will receive a summary of your six month journey. This will help you identify areas of strength, as well as acknowledge where you can strive for improvement.

Sign up for the December 2020 enrolment.

Begin the new year with your wellness intentions already set in stone.