Transformation Coaching

Tired of always feeling sick, run down and defeated? Is your life not aligned with your vision?

I will coach you through a radical transformation.

Together we’ll work on improving your health, developing your mindset and channelling your magical spiritual-alignment powers. As a team, we will strive toward your goals in a way that is sustainable and soul-satiating.

We will hone in on your:

  • nutrition and lifestyle
  • imbalances (physical & energetic)
  • daily practices, habits & rituals
  • self-beliefs & limitations
  • physical, mental & emotional barriers
  • and more

Transformation coaching offers:

  • personal accountability
  • consistent support
  • actionable steps to help you reach your goals
  • a safe container to explore all aspects of your Self

Hey! I’m Cass – your Holistic Health Coach and Energy Healer. I’m here to help you work with your mind, body and the universe to co-create a life of your wildest dreams.

Here’s my story.

I used to be sick, sad and angry at the world.

It felt like something was always going wrong. I was a regular at my doctors office. I was diagnosed with a generalised anxiety disorder and managed my chronic underlying issues with substances of all sorts. Spiritually, I felt toxic and disconnected.

I know what it’s like to feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually unwell.

…I also know what it feels like to be tuned into a higher vibration.

That’s why I’m passionate about what I do.

I’m here to tell you… you are not bound to a life of suffering.

I can help you align with your goals and achieve them with confidence.

Are you ready?