Wellness Program

Wellness Program

Enrich Your Wellbeing

Are you ready to improve your health, but feeling overwhelmed about where to start?

The ‘Wellness Program’ is a personalised e-book that contains practical tools and recommendations to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Your program is tailored to you and your needs, helping you enrich your lifestyle in a way that is sustainable AND enjoyable.


After your purchase you’ll receive a special link containing your “Holistic Health Questionnaire” form. In this form you’ll explore your goals, wellbeing, lifestyle and more. The information you submit will be looked over and processed by Cassidy, who will then transmute your info into your personalised Wellness Program.

  • The ‘Holistic Health Questionnaire‘ – an explorative form reflecting on all things lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and general wellbeing.
  • Your ‘Wellness Package’ – an e-book filled with personalised recommendations, recipes, practical tips, helpful worksheets and more.

For Only

$222 CAD

[Disclaimer: Cassidy is not acting within the capacity of a medical professional. Any information received in your wellness package does not substitute advice given to you by your doctor. If you have any serious or complex health concerns, please chat with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.]

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22% of all sales made through Soul Space in 2022 will be donated to organisations that help protect and preserve rainforests globally.