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Welcome to Soul Space

A container for grounded mindset nourishment & personal growth.

Self-empowerment is the sole focus of Soul Space. All of the tools you need already exist within you. This space is here to help you strip away the blocks and barriers that have been holding you back from chasing the life you desire. You hold the power to breakthrough your roadblocks and create transformation that feeds your soul.

Your power and potential is infinite by nature.
You are, quite literally, a conscious collection of stardust.

You Are Infinite 2.0

A free e-workbook full of juicy journal prompts to help you quiet your self-doubts and tune into your higher power.

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Hello beautiful soul!

I’m Cassidy Barratt.

My intention with this space is to offer personal development practices that are grounded in our earthly roots.

I believe that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies. And like all things in this universe, we follow the same natural laws. We are an expression of nature itself.

And just as in nature, if our soils aren’t purposefully cultivated, they will run wild.

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Alchemising Anxiety is a mini program created to help you
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Why You ‘Aren’t Where You Want To Be’

Do you feel like you’ve been running in circles trying to achieve the same goals? Why haven’t you seen results yet? Why have you been ‘stuck’ where you are? Asking yourself these kinds of questions can be tough… the ego naturally takes things like this personally. But without questions like this, we don’t grow. Before…

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‘Games’ Your Mind Plays On You

The Ego, for the most part, has a bad reputation. It is usually thought of as negative and associated with narcissism and poor behaviour. While these may be side effects of the ego, its purpose is more profound. It is the vehicle to awareness and understanding. It’s the lens through which we explore this reality:…

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