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A free e-workbook full of juicy journal prompts to help you quiet your self-doubts and tune into your higher power.
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Struggling with anxiety?

Alchemising Anxiety is a free mini program created to help you
reclaim your personal power.

Let’s squash that self-doubt.

You hold the power to cultivate meaningful change in your life.

Life is like a garden. If left unkept it will run wild and grow weeds. But when seeds are selectively sown, cultivated and nourished over time, the garden of your vision will begin to blossom.

In this space you’ll find a wealth of resources to help you nourish the soils of your mind’s garden: weekly blog posts, guided meditations, and other exclusive free content… all yours to explore.

Welcome to this Space,
Your container for mindset nourishment & grounded personal growth.

Hello beautiful soul!

I’m Cassidy Barratt.

My intention with this space is to offer personal development practices that are grounded in our earthly roots.

I believe that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies. Just like all things in this universe, we follow the same natural laws. We are all an expression of nature itself… powerful and full of potential.