A soulful approach to happiness and wellbeing.


Everything within the universe consists of the same matter.

Deep conversations matter. Let’s hold space for meaningful exploration, digging into matters of the mind and universe.


We are a part of a divine network, effortlessly held together by Mother Nature. Let’s connect with the restorative and nurturing essence that is woven through all things.

The Dark – a small poem

Being forced into the dark takes away your sight, inviting you to explore your vision and the inner workings of what really drives you. We often walk ourselves into dark places within, not to self sabotage, but to get to know our-self. To bend, break and navigate, and let the light shine through the cracks…

Are your thoughts frightening you?

Have you ever had an obscure or disturbing thought come into your mind completely out of the blue? Maybe you see somebody bending over to pick something up and you get an urge to knock them over, or somebody hands you something precious and you feel suddenly compelled to chuck it across the room. If…

The most terrifying and awakening week of my life

I found the cottage through a quick Google search. The owners had given me a discount because “the property had not been maintained in a few months”. I didn’t understand what that meant, but the price was right – I packed my car and found myself there the next day. The cottage was in the…