Growth “Gains” At Home

The iron jungles have closed and us gym rats are feeling the consequences. Fitness equipment for purchase is scarce, leaving many of us trying to squat our furniture and family. Quenching our thirst for growth may seem like an impossible task when lacking in resources. If you’ve been mourning the loss of the gym recently, here are a few tips to help you on your path of growth.

Self massage

Tight muscles may be the reason your squat or military press haven’t been progressing as you’ve hoped. Breaking down “knots” helps to release toxins that have built up in the muscle. It also encourages the flow of blood and lymph to help flush these toxins away. Support the process by drinking plenty of fluids after the massage.

People have used oils native to their land for thousands of years to encourage healing. For example, olive oil is used ceremonially in the Mediterranean, while some Asian cultures favour coconut oil. These oils are often infused with sacred herbs. This is something you can try at home too. Fill a glass jar with a natural oil and drop in your favourite ingredients: sea salt, lavender, bay leaf, mint and lemon are all great options with known benefits. Place your jar somewhere warm with plenty of sunlight and let it sit for a couple of weeks to allow the oil to absorb the plant nutrients.

Many cultures around the world use tools for their massages like smooth quartz, jade, or even bone. Whilst rubbing ourselves down with a chunk of femur might not sound ideal, a large, smooth crystal will do the tricks. Alternatively, you can use your bodyweight to press into a small solid ball like a lacrosse or golf ball.

Target specific mobility functions

We all have that area we’ve been neglecting. Now is the time to refine the basics and focus on the key exercises that you’ve likely been skipping out on at the gym. Poor posture and weak joints are areas that don’t often receive the time they deserve. Our mobility is the foundation on which we grow. While mobility training won’t make you ‘swole’, it will reinforce the foundation you build upon.

If you are seeking mobility guidance I highly recommend Dr. Jen Esquer (@drjenfit on Instagram). Her platforms are packed with golden nuggets that can completely revolutionise the way you move.

Expand your definition of growth

Expansion feeds the soul, but growth goes beyond the physical. Manifesting strength in the body takes energy and dedication. So much so that we often forget to focus on growth that isn’t “gains”. To direct energy primarily into muscle gains is to starve the unseen parts of yourself which also need your attention.

Growth is what happens when we exercise and expand our capacity to experience, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Our body grows under tension, as does the mind, character, and spirit. Tension shows us our boundaries, giving us the awareness to overcome life obstacles & limitations.

Tension creates traction. Traction can slow you in your tracks, or propel you toward your vision, depending on how you work with the pressure given.

Diamonds are formed under pressure. So are heroes.

You are resilient.

This article does not contain any affiliated or paid marketing. Suggestions provided are personal recommendations.

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The powerful healing properties of salt – body and home

The benefits of salt

Many cultures and religions from all over the world believe that salt has the ability to cleanse and purify. Since ancient times salt has been said to remedy ailments and ward off negative spirits.

Now that we are living an age of technology, we have evidence to support the rumours that date back thousands of years: salt really does have purifying properties. These natural crystals have incredibly rejuvenating effects!

How can you use salt to cleanse your mind, body and home?

Gargle salt.

Salt water is an eco friendly and powerful mouthwash. Gargling salt water kills bad bacteria in that live in our mouths and throats. Doing this has been practiced for hundreds of years, long before we understood the science behind its magic. Gargling regularly with salt water helps cleanse the body of unwanted and negative energy. Recent studies have shown that this practice can not only protect us from ailments like the common cold and flu, it even aides the symptoms and helps our body recover at a faster rate.

Salt bath detox.

If you don’t have access to a salt water sea, a sea salt bath is the next best thing. I don’t recommend taking baths frequently as the average bath uses 80 litres of fresh water, but soaking in a tub of salts every once in a while can be benefit the body. My favourite alternative is to do a foot bath! Fill a wash bason with warm water, add a handful of salt and a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

Many cultures believe salt water has the ability to draw negative or stagnant energy out of the body and restore it to a pure state. Dermatologists recommend salt water baths to patients as it is widely believed that they help to relieve the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema. Salt baths are also known to improve wound healing.

Sprinkle salt in your home.

It is believed that salt has the ability to absorb negative energy. Many cultures and religions practice sprinkling salt around their homes to protect them from unwanted energy. Take a small handful of salt and sprinkle a thin line under your windows, doorways entering/exiting your home, and if desired around the walls of your rooms. This is believed to absorb negative energy from your space, leaving it purified and rejuvenated. Let the salt sit for a few hours (or days) before cleaning it up.

Refresh your mattress.

Soda bicarbonate is a natural salt compound that works wonders on home cleaning and can be used for an abundance of purposes. Try cleansing your mattress by sprinkling ground sea salt or soda bicarb on it. Let the crystals sit for at least 3-4 hours before vacuuming off. This natural method helps deodorises your bed and kill bad bacteria.

You are loved.