6 Tips for an Earth-Friendly Christmas

There are many ways that we reduce our carbon footprint this holiday season! These simple tips can make a measurable difference this year. Let’s work together to make a sustainable and soulful Christmas the norm. Avoid plastic wrapping paper Tis the season to get creative and wrap your gifts unconventionally. You could use some oldContinue reading “6 Tips for an Earth-Friendly Christmas”

Why You ‘Aren’t Where You Want To Be’

Do you feel like you’ve been running in circles trying to achieve the same goals? Why haven’t you seen results yet? Why have you been ‘stuck’ where you are? Asking yourself these kinds of questions can be tough… the ego naturally takes things like this personally. But without questions like this, we don’t grow. BeforeContinue reading “Why You ‘Aren’t Where You Want To Be’”