Release Anxiety Overnight With This Ancient Technique

Weighted thoughts and emotions can feel like a long night with no sun on the horizon, full of darkness and uncertainty…

Existence can be overwhelming. The contents of our life and the heaviness surrounding the unknown can feel too much to bear at times, but there may be a solution SO simple, it’s almost unbelievable.

Star Therapy”

The effects of this therapy are so profound that it is frequently used in palliative care. Dying patients who are struggling to come to terms with ‘the end of life’ are sometimes offered this therapy to manage pain, anxiety, restlessness and insomnia.

Everything about this human life is complex. We’ve barely begun to understand even the most fundamental concepts that affect us every day, like gravity, consciousness and death. Pondering the bigger picture as it is, helps us to release our desire to change the unchangeable and embrace the nature (and humbling) natural laws of impermanence.

Sometimes, all we need is to reconnect with the simple truth of the present moment: that against all odds, this planet exists, and we exist to perceive it all.

While releasing fear around the unknown may be an uncomfortable process, it is a gratifying one. As we lay to rest the ideas we hold that bound us to ‘attachment’ of what is in the now, we release our anxiousness surrounding situations and circumstances we cannot change.

Next time life starts to weigh heavy, turn to the night sky… a little starlight may be all you need.

You are loved.

Published by Cassidy Holland

Holistic Health Coach Alternative Energy Healer

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